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Who we are?

What we do?

Who we are?

As a one of the top mobile alliance network advertising industry,we have a mobile priority and the performance of the mode of thinking, to enable advertisers and publishers to reach and surpass high demand goal.

What we do?

Our global coverage and optimization algorithms maximize the benefits of our media partners. A comprehensive in-house development technology that enables our advertisers to reach out to the audience they want through the largest media.

Maximize your monetization with high-quality mobile ads.

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Whether you want to promote your brand in a certain country or reach a global audience, we have a product to match your advertising needs. We randomly selected ads from our co - operative advertisers as a showcase.
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Maximize your revenue with FunnyMobi With our technology, we can target the most appropriate ad for your audience, regardless of where the users are sent from, guaranteeing you unmatched eCPMs.You can easily get all the data you want.

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Access top trends that are of concern in the mobile environment.

  • Video Ad
  • Social Media
  • Native Ad

Video Ad

The so-called rich media.Rich media can improve the interaction of advertising and provide a broader space,it allows users to leave advertising data interface directly, effectively promoted the mutual communication between users and advertisers.
Lock Screen advertising is an advertising form that maximizes the advertising effect for advertisers. In the AD release page, it can basically be monopolized.
Stream The video patch advertisement is to pack the content of the advertisement into the content of video of the network, and use the buffer time of the user to watch the content to play the advertisement.
Banner Banner advertising is the most popular form of mobile advertising. It should reflect the central content, which is characterized by its short and narrow focus, which is more easily ignored.
Good Quality Good quality gives advertisers greater rewards.
Optimization Algorithm The company has a wide range of technical personnel resources, has its own set of advanced and unique algorithms.
Wide Coverage The business is extensive, and traffic and advertisers cover more than 200 countries.
Cheat Proof System A system developed by ourselves and trusted by customers.
High ROI Excellent advertising and publisher resources can meet and exceed high requirements goals.
Intelligence & automation The intelligence and automation of the system greatly enhance the benefit.

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